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Whatzup lyf.

I was trying to post entries directly from vim, the text is not coming up properly. Need to figure out the problem and fix it. Its been pending for some days now. Once its up, it will so comfortable to post to lj directly from vim. Reviews I watched The Departed and I liked it. Its a very good movie, a good story and very well directed. It might keep you at the edge of the seat while you are watching the movie. The actors Matt Damon, Leonardo Di Caprio and others have done some "fucking" good job. Well, you are going to hear that 'F' word at aleast a 100 times in that movie, but you wont mind it. The movie is kind of chase, a rat is implanted at both sides (a gang and police) and they try to find out who is the rat, while both the rats are very clever. FOSS.IN Visited FOSS.IN today. Well, I was bit depressed at quality of talks going down. Few were good, I enjoyed bluesmoon talk and the intro by Suparna was ok. But rest all were Bullshit! Atul Chitnis, if I were you, I would just pick quality speakers and fit only so much that as the quality speakers would occupy ( One day/Two days). I would not let go quality in favor of 'lets do grand' things et al. But, hey you are doing a fanastic job (Few quality talks spread over 3 days) for the minor amount you are collecting frm the delegates. Kudoes, keep going, but check for quality now and then.