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Neenas Marriage, Cochin Trip and Bannerghatta NP Visit.

Austin and I went to cochin to attend Neena Marriage. It was one of

shortest marriages I have ever seen. The entire marriage ceremony took

just 30 minutes to complete. Am seeing a Malayam marriage for the first



Then we went to the Cochin Harbour to spend time. At cochin, discovered

that they use Boats as a mode of "public transport"! Thats interesting!.


Back to Bangalore and this weekend, I visited Banerghatta National park

with Vaishnavi, Shiva and Dad. Vaishnavi wanted to see the new Butterfly

park opened at BNP,but after the Grand Safari, Zoo visit when we went to

the Butterfly park, it was already 5:30 PM and it got closed. Next time

we would be going to see the butterfly park exclusively.

I was able to catch some great snaps of tigers during the Grand Safari.

The Cab Driver helped me, and some of them he himself captured. I paid

him Rs.10/- at the end for this extra service. :-) Well,I did not quite

like it as I had plans to improve my photography skills with some