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Happy Gandhi Jayanti

The Dandi March : A simple act of making salt shakes the British Empire

Gandhi had some concrete plans, steps and targets while achieving his goals. He is often known for the the principles he stood for, but this is example where he followed them through, but showed a tactical approach to achieving a goal. Many find it hard to believe as how a march can be equated to a fight, but Gandhi showed that it was an act of disobedience and when done in the same spirit, it achieved the purpose of what's achieved by other means like violence.

In early April, 1930 Gandhi, 61 years old, reached Dandi after walking 241 miles in 24 days. He then defied the law by making salt. It was a brilliant, non-violent strategy by Gandhi. To enforce the law of the land, the British had to arrest the satyagrahis (soldiers of civil disobedience) and Indians courted arrest in millions. There was panic in the administration and Indian freedom struggle finally gathered momentum both inside and outside of India. The picture of Gandhi, firm of step and walking staff in hand (shown above) was to be among the most enduring of the images of him.