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Madurai Meenakshi Temple in Minecraft - Next Step : North Tower

Let's Build the North Tower Next. Here are the few characteristics. We will be using

  • Chiseled Stone Bricks
  • Stone Steps
  • Stone Slab
I have set a note in the north direction as where the North tower will be.  The dimesions of the North Tower will be:
  1. Bottom will be 15 x 15 Chiseled Stone Brick Rectangle.
  2. Height of the Bottom Slab will be 3 blocks (Chiselled Stone)
  3. Then the Tower itself will be 12 blocks height, with each layer reducing in circumference from the one below, giving a illusion of a conical shape. We will use Stone Steps here for this effect.
  4. When 12 stone steps are completed on both front and back. They should meet at the top for one block size.
  5. We will put 3 ornamented blocks on top. Thus the size of the structure will be 15 blocks in height.
North Tower will be the experimental one and we can try to build as it looks good and gain knowledge. I have given an example of how tall the tower will be and how the tower needs to be build. You just need to fill in the sqaure in that shape and it will look like a tower.   2014-06-23_00.52.17