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Covid-19 Testing, Ventilators, and Therapeutic Accelerators

I noticed today morning that CVS has come up with Rapid Testing via drive through, and it is free of cost.

At the moment it is available for Georgia and Rhode Island, but I certainly see this sprouting in all other states of US.

Tesla has a ventilator in making using the car parts. Even if this only a technical demo, I appreciate it, and the language used in the demo was appropriate and careful for the purpose.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the therapeutics accelerator to find the vaccine for covid-19. They are funding almost 8 companies working in parallel and joined by other life sciences companies too.

Companies participating in the collaboration include

  • Bayer

  • BD

  • bioM√©rieux

  • Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Eisai

  • Eli Lilly

  • Gilead

  • GSK

  • Johnson & Johnson,

  • Merck (known as MSD outside the U.S. and Canada)

  • Merck KGaA

  • Novartis

  • Pfizer

  • Sanofi.

Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff took a 8 step pledge, and with few pledges being, No significant layoff for next 90 days and encouraging employees to keep their own hourly workers like gardeners, home cleaners employed with pay. I really appreciate the social responsiblity shown by Marc.