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Book Review - Ray Bradbury The Last Interview

This book is a collection of interviews by Ray Bradbury's biographer, Sam Weller.

Sam presents a glimpse into the final years of Ray Bradbury's life, which in itself is moving. It took a moment for me to realize the depravity of life during the old age, even as we constantly associate Ray Bradbury with his work on Fahrenheit 451, which he had written multiple years ago. This was the poignant part of the entire book for me, and it shook me a bit.

But despite this, the book is hip and is full of love. It is about the love that Ray Bradbury shared for books, authors and his craft. He encouraged everyone to follow their path of love and to true to themselves.

I got a glimpse into why Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451, and how did he shape his characters. I haven't read Fahrenheit 451, but I had watched the movie and listened to the short version called blink of that book. It seems funny in retrospect that I had approached Farenheit 451 in these media, and not read it. But I will certainly read it and appreciate it even more now.