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GatesNotes - 7 Billion Doses of Vaccine

Bill Gates has an article on What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine The entire article is impressive in terms of the approach to solve this problem. The particular highlight for me was Bill Gate's emphasis on making sure everyone in this world, yes 7 billion people in this world get the vaccine as soon as it is available.

This is an impressive thinking for a individual. Considering the solution for the entire humanrace, because no human is different and is equally susceptible to this virus.

Book Review: Masterminds of Programming

Masterminds of Programming: Conversations with the Creators of Major Programming LanguagesMasterminds of Programming: Conversations with the Creators of Major Programming Languages by Federico Biancuzzi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a lengthy book. The interviewers did a fantastic job with their questions and covered a range of expert programmers and language designers across the spectrum. The important thing I gained from reading this book was my "enthusiasm" again for different programming languages and styles.
Each different language creator had some "opinions" about the state of affairs and went about in a personal way to do something about it, create a language, create a community, solve the problem, and usually building on top of what the person had learned from others. The language creation is both a scientific process (standing upon the shoulders of giants), as well as the unique taste that each language designer brought to the table. I was excited to learn more about AWK, Haskell, Perl, and Eiffel as languages after reading this book.

Heros of Pandemic: Dr. Brian Lewy

I came across this article on Brian Lewy, who was once the CEO of RadioShack, but after 30+ years in business, decided to pursue his interest in Medicine, and became a clinician and helping with fight against COVID-19.

Source : Heroes of the pandemic: Former CEO of RadioShack now an ER doctor on frontlines of COVID-19 fight