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Covid-19 "Six Months In"

Six-months into pandemic there is a lot of settled knowledge about Coronavirus now. This medium article - The Most Likely Way You’ll Get Infected With Covid-19 covered it very well.

What we know

  1. Surfaces don’t seem to matter as much as originally thought.

    1. SARS-CoV-2 does not spread through surfaces.

    2. No need to disinfect food, parcels, etc.

  2. Close range droplets are the new leading theory and Aerosol transmission has gradually gained acceptance

    1. Coronavirus Spreads from infected person exhaling and non-infected inhaling.

    2. A tiny droplets of virus spread in air in trajectory less than 6 feet.

    3. Best way to prevent this - "Wear Mask".

Six months in, "Wearing Masks" is the most effective way to protect ourselves. Both to avoid the spread and also to protect ourselves from getting infected. That's it.

Incidentally, the first strong support for wearing mask as reducing infections came via statistical analysis by Jeremy Howard in the article from May 15 - Masks help stop the spread of coronavirus

Best way for us to fight the virus - "Wearing Mask".