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Book Review - My Life with the Chimpanzees by Jane Goodall

“Understanding what chimpanzees are like has made me realize that we humans are not so different from other animals as we used to think. What makes us most different is that we are far more clever than even the cleverest chimp, and we have words. We have a spoken language. We can tell stories about what happened a week or a year or a decade ago. We can plan for the future, and we can discuss things - one person's idea can grow and change as other people contribute their ideas. Great ideas become greater, problems are solved.”

  • Jane Goodall, My Life with the Chimpanzees

Jane Goodall shares her story for rest of us. Her love for animals, and nature comes out through every word of this book. I was absolutely thrilled to read this book. It is a wonderful book by a wonderful person.