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A selection of books I read in 2022

This book is about Amazon. I read this quickly to see the phrases used like "working backwards" and press release ahead of the design which are used even now.

This book is about American Farming. I couldn't complete reading it as it is a lengthy one, but the premise was America needs to take care of farmiing as a personal profession which people can care about. The mechanization has lead to "unsettling of america" is the point of the book. I took this upon recommendation from Mr.Sridhar Venbu in a tweet.

A beginners book on investing and finance. It is an easy read, and enlists why one should participate and invest in stock markets. It was recommended to me by friend, Krishnaram.

A philosophy book. It is about keeping an open mind.

I liked reading examples of talented people mentioned in this book.

Book to read after reading Learn to Earn. Easy and accessible. Recommends everyone create a personal portfolio and keep evaluating it.

I was captured by the narrative in the early chapters. A meta book about learning.

I got influenced, and started having a budget after listening to this audio book. It is a wonderful book, and YNAB app is a great tool. It shaped my life a bit with my approach to money and planning.

I revisit Albert Ellis every now and then. I read this to reinforce the principles of Rational Emotive Behavior taught by Albert Ellis and practioners. I find these helpful.

A fun book about kitchen science.

Listened only to the first Chapter of Ada Lovelace. The depth and details were amazing.

This is a science fiction book that helped me understand racism in america. It gave me bone chills. It is a very powerful book. Illustration and story telling captures the reader.

A very serious book on world economics, and presented graphically as a comic. What else do you need? An excellent book to understand how Economy works and plays a part in our every day life.

Measuring something for measurement's sake, a pointless activity as we don't know or define why, is the tyranny of metric. The premise of this book is how obssession with quantitive metrics is misleading.

A very good book about Bitcoin, and users of bitcoin in a social context.