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Science and Opinions

Most of us were attracted towards maths, science and programming because there was certain level of rigor, factual information that can be verified by repeating the experiment, equality based on understanding of these facts, and desire to elevate ourselves to the equal position of someone who had a better understanding of the facts that can obtained by ourselves repeating the experiment, understanding the concepts and thereby understanding the greater sum.

Soon, as adults, we run into the opinion territory. What is considered an opinion vs fact is a topic in itself. However, let us assume that opinion is different from mathematical fact.

When we run into opinion territory, the way the world works is, if a person has power over another, the person exercises that power. We often find this irrational, argue in the opinion territory and try to find out if facts can be established so that equality order can be restored.

Some scientist identify the opinion territory from science and choose to devote more of their energies to science, aligned with what brought them to this interest in the first place.